Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Record numbers sit ACCA exams

Record numbers sit ACCA exams

Results from ACCA's December 2010 exams session reveal that a record 205,000 individuals sat papers, with more than 6,000 taking a major step towards full membership.

Candidates around the world took more than 397,000 papers, with 6,420 students successfully completing their final ACCA exams and a further 2,926 students completing the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) exams.

'We are delighted to see students successfully completing their examinations and demo

nstrating those skills demanded by employers in these challenging times,' said Clare Minchington, ACCA executive director - learning and products.

'ACCA is committed to developing professional accountants who can create value within business - and this is a good time to be qualifying as an ACCA member.

'Recent research by ACCA shows that CEOs expect demand for finance specialists to rise, with more than 70% seeing a need for more specialised finance roles in the future. The skills at the top of the CEO's wish lists - financial analysis for business decision making, risk management/internal control, and budgeting and financial forecasting - ar

e all fundamental elements of the ACCA Qualification.

'Regarding exam performance, we were pleased to see that performance in the Fundamentals Paper F7, Financial Reporting has improved as a result of the package of support put in place for this paper.

'We congratulate the students who have now completed their ACCA exams and we look forward to welcoming them to ACCA membership on completion of their practical experience requirements and professional ethics module.

'We would also like to congratulate those who completed the CAT exams,' Minchington added.

December 2010 session ACCA Qualification pass rates

  • Paper F1, Accountant in Business, 70%*
  • Paper F2, Management Accounting, 60%*
  • Paper F3, Financial Accounting, 60%*
  • Paper F4, Corporate and Business Law, 44%
  • Paper F5, Performance Management, 41%
  • Paper F6, Taxation, 44%
  • Paper F7, Financial Reporting, 47%
  • Paper F8, Audit and Assurance, 38%
  • Paper F9, Financial Management, 40%
  • Paper P1, Professional Accountant, 51%
  • Paper P2, Corporate Reporting, 51%
  • Paper P3, Business Analysis, 48%
  • Paper P4, Advanced Financial Management, 33%
  • Paper P5, Advanced Performance Management, 35%
  • Paper P6, Advanced Taxation, 44%
  • Paper P7, Advanced Audit and Assurance, 34%

December 2010 session CAT pass rates

  • Paper 1, Recording Financial Transactions, 65%*
  • Paper 2, Information and Management Control, 61%*
  • Paper 3, Maintaining Financial Records, 61%*
  • Paper 4, Accounting for Costs, 60%*
  • Paper 5, Managing People and Systems, 51%
  • Paper 6, Drafting Financial Statements, 63%
  • Paper 7, Planning, Control and Performance Management, 39%
  • Paper 8, Implementing Audit Procedures, 37%
  • Paper 9, Preparing Taxation Computations, 58%
  • Paper 10, Managing Finances, 41%