Saturday, October 16, 2010

Accountancy Futures Symposium-critical issues for tomorrow's profession (24, 25 November)

This is an opportunity to attend one of the most innovative and exciting events in 2010.

The economic, political and environmental climate has exposed shortcomings in the way public policy and regulation have developed in areas such as financial regulation, financial reporting, corporate transparency, climate change and assurance provision.

In response to the challenges presented to the accountancy profession by this new business environment, ACCA's Accountancy Futures Symposium has four areas of focus - access to finance, audit and society, carbon accounting, and narrative reporting. This unique event will contribute to the forward agenda of the profession, business and society at large.

More and more businesses demand from their finance function the ability to think about the future of the business, scan the horizon for business opportunities, design new business models and contribute to the innovation of products, services and processes.

As businesses position themselves through unique value propositions to gain competitive advantage, the war for talent will increase. Pakistan with a growing young population of generation Y must appreciate the aspirations of both youth and employers, to leverage on this the symposium features a special session Generation Y: Realising the Potential .

The centre pieces of ACCA's Accountancy Futures symposium will be:

The value of Audit in the modern world
Demonstrating Responsibility: Reporting Futures
Accountants: SMEs Best Friend
Generation Y: Realising the Potential

Be a part of these thought leadership discussions for an unparallel insight into the future of your Business and Profession by participating in the ACCA Pakistan Accountancy Futures symposium – critical issues for tomorrow's profession.

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