Monday, July 20, 2009

ACCA Pakistan organising ICFE week

ACCA Pakistan is launching International Certificate in Financial English (ICFE) Qualification in Pakistan this week (20 – 27 July 2009). During the week, ACCA will undertake a series of activities including presentations to well-known organisations in the IT, telecom, banking and FMGG sector and educational institutions. Other activities include radio show, free pre-testing for ICFE exams and seminars at ICFE tuition providers including SBS, CAMS, CFTR and Berlitz in Karachi. (pls change as per region)
The ICFE Qualification is jointly conceived by ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and University of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Examinations. It comprehensively develops ability across the four skill areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. ICFE is particularly relevant for finance and accountancy professionals needing to perfect their financial English skills or for finance and accountancy students preparing for professional exams or individuals required to present and interpret financial information.
We take pride in sharing with you that Cambridge ESOL examinations are recognised by over 50 well reputed organizations in UK including Pricewaterhouse Cooper, World Bank, KPMG and Procter & Gamble. According to Ms Zainab Khan, Recruitment Manager ICI Pakistan, "Business success is inseparable from successful communication. Our businesses constantly demand excellence in communication, internally and externally. The English language is the the most widely used business language and is a tool we cannot do without. Therefore the Cambridge ICFE may well be an ideal solution to prepare our employees to deliver to our requirements. We certainly see it as a valuable addition to an ambitious accountant’s CV which may well improve his or her career ".

Arif Masud Mirza, Head of ACCA Pakistan says: "Being the international language of finance and accountancy, it is vital for professionals to have first-rate financial English language skills and the ability to communicate confidently with colleagues from the international business community".
Shamez Mukhi, Head of Marketing, Communications and Media Relations, ACCA Pakistan, said that, "Activities of the ICFE week are aimed at creating awareness about need of financial English skills. In the global economic scenario, finance professionals can not afford to have mediocre financial English skills."

For further information please contact:
Mr Shamez Mukhi- tel: +92 21 111 22 22 75